Good morning, everyone. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday filled with family, food and best of all-MOVEMENT! I had a fantastic trip to California and was sure to stay active by running hill sprints, drawing an agility ladder in the dirt, and playing with kettlebells on the beach. Although I was sure to “indulge” in some of my favorite things like wine, pumpkin pie and In N Out Burger, I was pretty diligent with my nutrition so that I wouldn’t pay for it at the end of the trip. This week’s Q&A is about just that-how to control food intake over the holidays.

Q: With so many food distractions during the holiday celebrations, what are some tips to stay focused and mindful of what you are eating and not over indulge?

A: I think you hit the nail on the head by using the word “mindful.” No matter what nutrition or exercise regimen you choose, the key to being successful is following that regimen with mindfulness. During the holidays we have a tendency to get stressed out, rushing from one commitment to the next and busying ourselves with the very things that steal from the magic of the season. The first thing you can do to help your health over the next month is to stop, take a deep breath, and prioritize. What does the season mean to you? Is it the hustle and bustle of gift shopping? Or is it a time to reflect on peace, love and joy?

Once you have cleared your mind of some excess baggage and your life of the unnecessary holiday stress, there are some strategies you can put into place to help you control your food intake during the season.

1. STAY ACTIVE. Often the first thing to go during the rush of the season is exercise. Have you ever noticed how much easier it is to eat right when you’re also exercising regularly? Many people fall into the dreaded “all or nothing” cycle, in which exercise is neglected so why not just throw in the towel on nutrition too! Staying active will keep your body craving healthy food and will also help to stave off some of the gain from the inevitable extra holiday calories.

2. MAKE BETTER CHOICES. When at a holiday party, choose the appetizers that are rich in protein first. Protein and healthy fats will help you feel satiated and will keep you from craving sugar and starch as strongly. Once you have filled up on protein, veggies, nuts etc, you will be less likely to reach for the carb-heavy offerings. When not at holiday functions, make even better choices. Stick to lean proteins (grass fed beef, cage free chicken and eggs, lean turkey, fish) healthy fats (avocado, nuts, nut butter, coconut oil) and tons of vegetables. Stay away from grains or any foods you might have a sensitivity to, and eat at home as often as possible. Things like bread, pasta and other processed foods have very little place, if any, in a fat loss diet. If you keep your food intake really clean 90% of the time, you can afford to indulge a bit at parties with a slice of pie or glass of wine.

3. PLAN AHEAD. If I am headed to lunch with a friend, I take a look at the menu online before I get there. That way, I’ve already made a healthy choice of what to order before I even sit down and can’t be enticed by all of the other offerings. I also ask the waiter NOT to bring bread because I will eat it all, and then some. When I have an evening event to attend, I will either control my intake throughout the day in preparation for a night of “fun eating” or fast altogether. (Read more about Intermittent Fasting in this FREE E-BOOK).

4. CUT YOURSELF SOME SLACK. If you make a mistake, move on. Often people will get so caught up in the idea of “dieting” that they become consumed with guilt after eating a bag of chips or a few (in my case 6-8!) cookies. It happened. Get over it. Try not to get caught in the mindset that you already polluted your diet so why not just let the whole day/week/month go. The further into the rabbit hole you go, the harder it is to get back. You can enjoy your favorite foods in moderation and not make a huge dent in your body composition. You didn’t get lean by eating one healthy meal and you won’t gain a ton of fat by eating one less than optimal meal either. Guilt over food is a difficult thing to overcome and a completely useless, unhealthy emotion.

5. CHANGE YOUR FOOD PARADIGM. I posted on my blog last month about my food obsession (read it here!) and this is an important hurdle to mount. If you eat mindlessly, without a proper realization and acceptance of how food affects your body, you could likely derail your fat loss goals. Once food is put in it’s place-a source of fuel and a servant to your body-you will be more apt to make better choices. Food does not control you. Food does not dictate whether or not you have fun at a party or decide if you enjoy the holiday season.

I wish you all the very best for the remainder of 2011, and I hope to see you in class OFTEN! Be sure to stay consistent on training during this busy time in order reap the positive physiological effects of exercise and start 2012 with a bang.

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Hill Sprints!

Happy Monday Everyone! Here is a great piece on hill sprints by my friend and colleague, Jen Comas Keck. Hill sprints can be a great addition to your kettlebell training routine. 

Fat loss through hill sprints

Jason FerruggiaJim Wendler, and countless other top strength and conditioning coaches swear by hill sprints for fat loss and conditioning.  But why hill sprints?  Why not just plain, flat-land sprints?

Most people aren’t in good enough shape to run sprints!  If you haven’t ran a sprint since P.E. class in 1998 and are possibly carrying some extra poundage, going out to an open space and sprinting balls-out is a recipe for injury and disaster.  Most people new to sprinting proudly announce that they just “ran sprints for 45 minutes.”  No you didn’t.  And if you did, you need to notify the Olympic committee that you are on your way.  Nobody can run true sprints for 45 minutes. 

Benefits of hill sprints

The hill sprint is safer than a sprint on flat land because the incline forces you to slow down.  Most people get on flat land and run an all-out sprint and have their limbs flailing wildly and what happens?  They pull a muscle.  You can only go SO fast on an incline and you are still working extremely hard.

Preserves muscle. 
The beauty of hill sprints is that they preserve all of your precious muscle because the work time is short!  A 5-10 second sprint is not enough time to start tapping into your muscle like other forms of high-intensity, long-duration cardio (think Spin, distance running – all highly catabolic).

Fat loss!
Hill sprints depend heavily on your muscular system.  Think of a hill sprint as a cross between cardio and weight lifting.  This means you get much more bang (fat burned) for your buck (time spent).

How far should you be sprinting?  I’d say between 20 – 40 yards, between 8 to 12 times, depending on the distance.  If you are brand new to hill sprints, start with 5 sprints.  Yes, 5.  Ease into it.

How long should your rest time be?  Go by feel.  There is no point in doing timed recovery and forcing yourself to go again only to half-ass it.  Take anywhere from 1-3 minutes if need be and then really get a good sprint in.  Sprint up, walk down, recover, repeat.

How often?  If you are just starting out, once a week.  After that, twice a week is plenty!  Hill sprints need recovery time just like anything else.  I typically choose to do hill sprints on my lower body lift days.  I find that it hinders my recovery time if I try to do them on separate days and still get my lifting in.

What should I do for a warm-up?  A warm-up is crucial.  Do not get lazy and skip it.  Take 5-10 minutes and do a dynamic warm-up.  Walk up the hill a couple of times, then jog up a couple of times, then run it once.  THEN start your sprints.  A full-bore sprint without a proper warm-up means injury!

The following are tips from Jason Ferruggia at Renegade on proper sprint mechanics.

•    Starting from the top down, the face must be relaxed. Do not clench your jaw or make any crazy faces. Relax.
•    Keep the chest up and shoulders back and down.
•    No side to side rotation of the pelvis, torso, shoulder girdle is allowed.
•    Hips remain forward toward the finish line at all times.
•    Arms should be bent ninety degrees with the hands open (no clenched fists or flailing, limp wrists).
•    When you are running the arms must pump vigorously, forward and backward. NEVER LET THE ARMS CROSS THE MIDLINE OF THE BODY. Only forward and backward. Little kids run with their arms side to side. Don’t do that or we will all make fun of you.
•    Think of pulling yourself through the air by driving your arms back as fast and hard as you can. The hands come up to a level even with the face and they come down and cross your pocket on the way back (but no further; don’t have them swinging way behind you).
•    Drive the knees high and be sure that the foot strikes directly under your body; not out in front of you (although, on a hill this may be slightly different depending on the incline).
•    Only the front portion of the foot should strike the ground; the heel should never make contact.
•    When the ball of the foot makes contact with the ground think of yourself as an animal pawing at the ground and rapidly pulling it behind you.
•    As Charlie Francis said, running takes place on the ground, sprinting takes place above it. If you do it right you should feel minimal impact or stress and should feel like you are flying effortlessly. If you’re taking a lot of pounding and it feels like a lot of work, you’re doing something wrong and should consider having someone watch or video tape you for some feedback.

(Posted by Jen Comas Keck)
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Nutrition Seminar

On Saturday, November 5th from 11am-2pm, we will be hosting a very informative seminar on metabolism and fat loss with Andrea McDaniel, Registered Dietician and Sports Nutritionist. I highly recommend you all attend as Andrea will be touching on some very important and often overlooked aspects of eating for fat loss. This seminar is especially valuable for those who feel they have “tried everything” and are still not reaching their goals.

Metabolic Factors to be discussed:

  1. Inflammation & Lipids
  2. Digestive Health
  3. Nutrient Deficiencies
  4. Stress & Sleep
  5. Sex Hormone Imbalance
  6. Environmental Toxins
  7. Glucose Balance
  8. Thyroid Hormone Imbalance
**To register, please contact Joe Sansalone (jsansalone3@aol.com) or stop into the gym. The fee is $75, and cash, check or credit are all accepted. We really hope to see you there!**
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OPTI Ladies Brunch

The OPTI Ladies Brunch will be held this Sunday, 18 September at 1230. For details and directions, please email me: negf03@yahoo.com.

I look forward to spending some time outside the gym with all of the AMAZING Opti women and celebrating our fat loss challenge winners. There will be plenty of good food and of course, mimosas ;).

I hope to see you all there!

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Turkish Get Up Tutorials

Some of you may have noticed the increased attention to Turkish Get Ups in class recently, and you either love it or you hate it! The truth is, the TGU is one of the most comprehensive things we do in our class. No other exercise requires the strength, stability, mobility and mental focus that the TGU does. Heavy TGUs have changed my body in so many ways, and have translated directly to the rest of my training. They are fun, effective and highly beneficial-but only if performed properly! To help ensure that your TGU practice is done with integrity and attention to detail, Joe and I put together a 3 part video series on the TGU, starting with a basic tutorial and then going into further details. I apologize that part 2 is not HD (not my fault, I swear! I am very tech savvy!).

So, in case you missed these videos on YouTubeFacebookStrength Coach, and The Female Fitness Forum, I have listed them here on my blog. If you use kettlebells in any capacity, do yourself a favor and spend the time to watch them. As Pavel would say, “Enjoy!”

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Ladies, Let’s Train HARD!

My friend and colleague, Alli Mckee, who trains HARD! Not so bulky, is she?

Lot’s of amazing strength and power happening with the OPTI ladies in the past few weeks! Phyllis and Maria are swinging 32kg, Little Lupe and Nat (who I trick with heavier bells!) are pressing double 12kg, Tasha is snatching 14kg, Peggy is doing double 8kg snatches, Annie, Denise and Stacia doing heavier get ups, Tracy and Joanne pressing a 16kg, Dana squatting double 16kgs, and all the new girls are catching up FAST. I am impressed, inspired and humbled every day by the level of enthusiasm and determination that the kettlebell girls display. I feel a personal and professional sense of duty to spread the word…that women can and should train heavy, hard and serious. That training with intention and purpose (and heavy iron!) will change your physique and sense of self. Spreading this message is the core of my professional mission and vision.
I am lucky to have a few female friends in the industry who share my passion and embody these ideals. I am even luckier to have all of you, whose work ethic and motivation give me purpose!

Unfortunately there is still a lot of miseducation about women and weight training, that lines the pockets of countless “professionals” and leaves customers feeling lack luster, and searching for the next fad. This drives me crazy! Recently I was contacted by fitness author and trainer, JC Deen, to contribute to an article he was writing on this subject after much success with an article about fitness marketing and how it has affected the female psyche. As a tremendous supporter of serious strength training for women, in both body and mind, I happily obliged and was honored to be a part of the piece! If you get a chance, take a look:

ATTENTION LADIES: Proof that lifting heavy will NOT make you BIG and Bulky!

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Client Spotlight: Dana Varela

In all the hustle and chaos of opening the new OPTI facility, I haven’t had the opportunity to recognize all of the amazing clients who have made this business what it is today; who’s energy, enthusiasm and dedication are what propel this blossoming grassroots effort. Last week, one of my female group clients joyfully and humbly approached the pullup bar, and banged out her first ever unassisted chinup. And then she did another one. While I stood there, beaming with awe and pride, I made a choice to commit to a more regular client spotlight-regardless of the endless pandemonium that exhausts a small business owner. Because they deserve it. Because they are the reason we are here.

Dana's 14kg Turkish Get Up

Dana Varela, busy mother of two school aged children (one of which has a very demanding dance schedule!) is an unassuming athlete. She is adorably sweet and perpetually friendly; small in stature and a secret little powerhouse of awesomeness. When Dana joined my group training program in February, I was completely unaware of her untapped potential. It was only after getting to know her better, and watching her [seemingly] effortless progress and determination, that I realized how truly special she was.

Dana has a work ethic that cannot be taught; the kind that is inherently part of her indomitable spirit. She has quickly joined the ranks of the most impressive ladies, both in attitude and ability, I have had the pleasure of working with. Her jovial personality, ability to take coaching cues, willingness to learn and improve, and dedication to her training are just a few of the reasons why Dana is the client I chose to spotlight this month.

I’ve noticed a somewhat common and slightly disappointing theme throughout my career with regards to those who perform well or achieve greatness. Often when an athlete is accomplished, particularly a female, people tend to have an “it’s so easy for them” attitude. There is this assumption that all the tough stuff just comes naturally to them, and the sweat and tears of the training process are periodically overlooked. At a glance, Dana may seem this way-“easily” accomplishing feats of feminine strength and making just about everything look effortless. True, she is an easy student, but it’s not because it’s easy for her. Rather, it’s due to her consistency and focus, that she makes things look effortless. I always tell my clients that even when something is overwhelmingly challenging, it should appear effortless and graceful to those who view it. That’s what happens when we own our movement and respect the progressions. Dana’s movement is unrestricted and intentional, and I promise you, it has not been easy. She has earned every single PR, every single compliment and every single pound lost through persistence and discipline, all while maintaining good humor and a seemingly unwavering smile.

In less than 6 months, Dana has worked up to pressing double 12kg kettlebells, 14kg TGUs, unassisted bodyweight chin ups, double 14kg squats, double kettlebell complexes, 24kg swings, double 32kg deadlifts, unassisted pushups, and bodyweight one leg deadlifts-all with a movement quality that is enviable. She has lost 14 pounds and has gotten into the habit of blaming me for her need to buy new clothes! The truth is, I didn’t do anything but the job I’m paid to do. Dana made a decision to change her life-and it shows. She has infected me (and everyone else, for that matter) with her glowing smile and contagious laughter. She is a joy to train, and am lucky to have her-not the other way around.

Congratulations to Dana Varela on embarking on a journey of strength, fortitude and self discovery! The journey has just begun, and I for one am excited to see what the future brings for her.

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Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification at OPTI

Optimum Performance Training Institute is excited and honored to be hosting a Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification (HKC) at our new state of the art facility!

Andrea Du Cane, Master RKC (and the only female in those ranks!) will be teaching the HKC at OPTI in Columbia on 17 September, 2011. Andrea is an amazing instructor with a host of knowledge and experience. Her expertise is matched only by her effective and meticulous teaching style, which is both firm but kind. Her success and humility make her an inspiration to coaches worldwide, especially to females trainers and trainees seeking a positive role model. I have been lucky to work with her on a few occasions, and am very elated to have her visit our facility to welcome new kettlebell instructors into our ranks.

When it comes to kettlebell training, RKC is second to none. The 3 day course is grueling and often has only a 70% pass rate due to it’s stringent testing and high standards. In an effort to prepare RKC hopefuls for the rigors of the challenge, and to reach out to more kettlebell zealots, Dragon Door offered it’s first 1 day kettlebell certification, the HKC, in 2009 in St. Paul, MN. Since then, the HKC has proven an effective “opportunity to build a superb and rock-solid foundation as a kettlebell professional” (via DragonDoor). I have had the pleasure and the honor of assisting at two HKC events with Master RKC, and my mentor, Brett Jones. I have seen first hand the drastic improvement in technique and teaching skill of the candidates through the high level of instruction and course material at the HKC. This course is a must for anyone looking to enter the lucrative world of the kettlebell trainer.

Attend the HKC and leave with these major advantages:

  • A deep understanding of the true benefits of kettlebell training—for both yourself and your clients
  • A solid knowledge of vital kettlebell training safety procedures
  • A workmanlike grasp of the fundamentals of biomechanics—to ensure your clients move with perfect form and avoid injury
  • A grasp of the key HardStyle skills and principles of strength
  • The ability to competently perform the three foundational kettlebell exercises (the Swing, the Get-Up, and the Goblet Squat)
  • The confidence you can now correctly teach the three essential kettlebell exercises—and troubleshoot common technique problems
  • The unique HKC template for designing an unlimited number of effective kettlebell workouts.
Don’t miss the opportunity to attend the first HKC held in the state of Maryland! For more information, email me at negf03@yahoo.com, or visit the site to register. 
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July Updates

Wow, what a month it’s been! Moving and setting up the new facility seems to have been the easy part, although we never would have concluded that at the time. Adjusting to the new space and finding a routine has challenged me extraordinarily, and has compelled me to become a better instructor and business woman. I believe that we must be challenged every day in order to stimulate growth and experience happiness. This month, challenge was not absent, by any means, on any single day! Challenge was the word of the month for June.

Our little program had meager roots. We started last June, in the back parking lot of Team Vic Fitness, with a mere six students, two times per week, learning how to deadlift, swing and perform Turkish Get Ups. I am proud and honored to say that four of those students are still with us and are some of our TOP performers and most hard working clients. Thank you to Jay, Mina, Peggy and Phyllis for ONE YEAR of dedicated training and congratulations on all of your amazing progress. You are truly remarkable and inspiring individuals!

The Original Group, July 2010

I am truly in awe over how much the program has grown in just one year, and am constantly making changes to it’s structure and programming to accommodate for this accelerating growth. Since June 2010, we have grown to an average of 30 group members, with a total of 8 classes per week-in contrast to the 2 we originally offered. That includes the weekly beginner class which is part of the Introductory Program I developed in response to the influx of eager students, which assesses every individual with the Functional Movement Screen and ensures their ability to swing and perform other movements before attending classes.

We have not only moved to a brand new, state of the art facility, but now have 60 kettlebells to train with (we started with just 15 and nothing over a 32kg!), 4 pullup bars and 4 TRX suspension systems. There is no shortage of equipment and people eager to utilize it-but there is a growing shortage of space due to the escalated interest in our unique program. This influx of new members is the main reason for all of the changes we will be experiencing over the coming weeks.

Over the past month, I have learned a great deal about how to structure and organize our groups to maintain quality and efficiency. I am sure I will continue to grow and learn, but this months updates are a result of what I have realized thus far. I would like to first thank you all for your enthusiasm and dedication to OPTI group training and our mission and vision. Without you, this dream would not have been possible. I cherish and appreciate each and every one of you for your loyalty and support, and the unique personalities that you bring to our group dynamic. Please continue to bear with as we attempt to get our wits about us in this new space! Remember that everything we do is an attempt to improve the program and enhance YOUR experience.


We are using a site called “Meetup” to track sign ups for our group training sessions. Classes are simply growing too large to accommodate everyone in an organized fashion, so I am asking everyone to join the site and RSVP to classes they plan to attend. This will ensure a moderately sized group and a better training environment. You can RSVP weeks in advance to secure a spot, but please remember to change your RSVP status should you choose not to attend so that someone else can take your spot. There is also a waiting list in case a class fills up that you would like to attend. Please refrain from signing up for classes, and not attending. We would like to keep this process as accurate and honest as possible.

I am going to be adhering to this very strictly beginning in July and will expect each and every individual in class to have signed up for the class they are participating in. This is imperative to our ability to run classes smoothly and effectively. To become a meetup member and begin signing up for classes, please visit the OPTI Meetup Page. This is expected to be starting in July, but I am sure there will be some growing pains and by August we will all be more comfortable with the process.


I’m very excited to add 3 new classes on the schedule the first week in July. There has been a lot of requests for an afternoon and Saturday class, so starting 5 July we will have a 12pm class on Tuesday and Thursday as well as Saturday 9 am class beginning 9 July. There is also a possibility that we will offer a 515 class on Monday and Wednesday in the future. It’s exhilirating to see something that you have created grow so rapidly and with such fervor. This group program is a source of much joy for me, and I will continue to add classes as it becomes necessary. Unfortunately, we are opting to pull the Metabolic classes off the schedule until further notice because they no longer work with my schedule. In the future, we hope to have other OPTI group instructors who can teach classes when I am not available.


When I started this program, it was so intimate that I opted not to utilize the Functional Movement Screen and simply eyeballed movement. As the program expanded, I incorporated the FMS and it’s corrective strategies into the group. As a result, every new member was given a custom warmup or “movement preparation” routine to perform prior to class. The existing students are going to be slowly integrated into this same format as time allows, based on their FMS scores. This will allow students to work on their weaknesses, and be more efficient with their warmup as it will be the same every time. As you are all aware, our program is not simply “group fitness”, but a program intended to identify and correct movement dysfunction, and the create strength and power out of that quality movement. The FMS allows us a reliable platform to do just that. Some of you may need to have your FMS scores revisited, and we will accommodate that as well. I am contemplating scheduling a “clinic”, in which we have a 2 hour window for individuals to come in, get screened, and receive corrective strategies. I will keep you all posted.


Our first happy hour in April turned out to be a great success. We had a great time and a pretty significant turn out. I really appreciate the time spent getting to know each other outside of the gym and building relationships with those we train with. The social aspect of our training is vital to our success; the support and motivation provided by your fellow students is an integral component to the group dynamic. I understand Summer is a painfully hectic time for most of us, so I expect that many will have to decline. We are planning our next happy hour for Saturday, 23 July. The location is still to be decided, but I am contemplating Facci in Laurel/Maple Lawn or Eggspectations in Columbia. Both locations have large areas that accommodate groups. Once the details have been finalized, I will create and event that you can RSVP to. I hope to see a lot of you there!


OPTI will be hosting an HKC with Master RKC, Andrea DuCane on Saturday, 17 September. This is a one day kettlebell certification offered by DragonDoor. If anyone is interested in attending with the intention of perhaps assisting with teaching classes, please let me know and we will discuss your readiness for such an event. Currently, Jamie and Mina are set to attend and I encourage anyone interested to look into the certification. 

Although it has been an incredibly challenging time for OPTI, I recognize that the transition has been trying for all of you as well and I appreciate your support. Thank you for all of your hard work and I encourage you to consistently embrace the challenges we face in class with intention and purpose. You all amaze me every day with your abilities and your zeal. I feel honored each and every day to be your coach. Here’s to the beginning of an exciting new journey!
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May Updates

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!

I hope everyone is enjoying the week so far and taking advantage of the warmer weather (finally!). This post is mainly to update you on scheduling matters for the upcoming weeks. Please be advised that once we move into the new facility (yay!) I will no longer have to cancel classes when I am out of town; I will simply have a qualified substitute to guide you through the training session that I have planned. Please make note of the following dates and updates and let me know if you have any questions or concerns. As always, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your hard work and dedication!

Class Cancellations:

"Won't you miss us?"

Friday 6 May: No Metabolic Class as I will be in California for a childhood friend’s wedding.

Wednesday 11 May: No 530 or 630 Kettlebell Classes as I will be in St. Paul at the CK-FMS Certification, learning new tools to make you guys BETTER!

Thursday 12 May: No 6 am KB Class-CKFMS

Friday 13 May: No 7 am Metabolic Class-CKFMS

*(2 and 3 June: Unless we are in the new space, Thursday and Friday classes will be cancelled as Joe and I will be attending the Annual Perform Better Functional Training Summit in Providence. If we have moved, class will occur with a sub.)*


If all goes according to plan, we will be moving from the Elkridge and Catonsville locations over Memorial Day weekend. If you are in town, and interested in helping out (Read: drink beers while pretending to move stuff), please let me know so I can keep you in the loop.


New OPTI Digs

The tentative date for our clients/family/friends only opening is Saturday evening, 25 June. We will have light fare and perhaps wine (if I have my way!), and would love it if you all came out to celebrate this dream of Joe’s and mine that has been many years in the making. The tentative date for our “Grand” Opening is Sunday, 17 July. For this opening, we will be inviting local businesses, teams, athletes etc to come take a look at our facility and see what we do. We will have demos and information to let the community know what OPTI is all about. Please let me know if you are interested in being a part of this event.


My friend, Ben Bruno, writes a very popular fitness blog and he recently did an exclusive interview with me! You might find it interesting, and you may enjoy the other posts on his blog. He does a lot of “compilation posts” where he compiles good reads and great videos for the week. Check it out:

Ben’s Blog: Interview with Neghar Fonooni

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