June Training

Joanne pulling 205

May was an epic strength month here at OPTI. Some serious PRs were made, including:

Joanne: 205 lb sumo deadlift

Dana: 12kg chinup x3, 205 lb trap bar deadlift

Peggy: 175 lb trap bar deadlift

Matt: 44kg overhead press

Mike: 36kg TGU

Tasha: 24kg TGU

Erin: 20kg overhead press

Stacia: 115 lb trap bar deadlift

Laura: 135 lb sumo deadlift x3

Peter: 28kg overhead press

Melissa: 16kg overhead press

and sooooo many more!

You guys absolutely amazed me last month. I just cannot begin to describe the pride and excitement that I feel seeing you accomplish such incredible feats and develop a well rounded arsenal of strength, power, movement and mindset. I really do have the best job in the world!

As we enter into June, I want you to remember what we always preach here at OPTI:

“Train heavy, not hard.”

-Dan John

The concept that we must always push ourselves to the limit is a fallacy. Strength is gained through practice of the skill, as well as continuous effort and varied intensity. Remember, never try to squeeze out that last rep. Move weight that is heavy relative to your level of strength and bodyweight, and do so efficiently and with ease. I promise you will see the gains and FEEL BETTER in the process!

June’s Training Sessions:


1. TGUs for warmup and activation

2a. Pullups/Chinups (This is you MAIN lift today)

2b. Bottom up clean and press practice

3a. (Done in two groups) Farmer’s walks

3b. pushups

4. Conditioning:

Beginners: Goblet squat and swing ladder

Advanced: Double clean and squat ladder


1. TGU practice (breaking down the different parts of the exercise)

2a. Deadlift

2b. Double overhead press

3a. Suitcase and bottom up carrys

3b. TRX rows

4. Conditioning:

Swings, we go, you go: 20, all the way down to 10.


8 am Group:

1a. Brettzel or rib pull

1b. Half Kneeling halo

1c. Full TGU 1/1 x3

2a. double clean

2b. 1 leg deadlift

3. Conditioning:

goblet squat/2 arm swing/bike sprint

9 am group:


It’s going to be a fun month for sure. The focus will be on improving grip strength and overall proprioceptive (body) awareness. Plus, we will keep crushing some heavy deads :).

Don’t forget, we will be teaching a DON’T MISS nutrition seminar here at the gym on 23 June. Sign up if you want to OWN your food choices!

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