July Workouts

July?! Are you kidding me?

Summer is in full effect, folks, and we are knee deep in the heat at OPTI. July workouts are going to be kick-ass, but sadly, I will not be there for much of it. (Sitting on the deck, overlooking the Atlantic ocean as I type this!) You will have plenty of fun smashing weights with Christine and Joe-just don’t set any PRs while I am gone; you know how I feel about that :).

Session A

1-TGU to warmup


2b-1 leg squats (advanced)/reverse lunge (beginner/intermediate)

3a-Farmers walk

3b-TRX pushup

4-Hand to hand swing and goblet squat ladder (swings: 20…15, squats: 10…5)

Session B

1-TGU to warmup

2a-Deadlift (appropriate variation)

2b-Double overhead press

3a-TRX row

3b-Overhead carry

4-Conditioning circuit: Double snatch or push press/2 asw/bike (roughly 15-20 sec each)

Session C

8 am Group:



2b-single leg glute bridges (learning 1ldl concepts)


3-clean and push presses/2 asw

9 am Group:



2b-Single leg deadlifts

3-clean and jerk/2 asw


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