About the Instructors

OPTI Kettlebell Instructors are honored to be a part of our client’s lives and help them achieve goals that transcend physical accomplishments. Our passion for strength and conditioning, combined with our extensive professional education, are what make our kettlebell classes second to none.


Joe Sansalone

Joe is the owner and head Performance Training Specialist at OPTI. He is often found subbing kettlebell classes for the group performance program in an effort to provide the most comprehensive and consistent training program for OPTI clients. His credentials and qualifications include: StrongFirst Team Leader, CK-FMS, USAW-2, NSCA, ACSM, and ACE.

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Christine Norris

Growing up, Christine played a variety of sports but never found her niche. It wasn’t until her senior year of high school when she participated in a weight training course, did Christine’s passion for health and fitness blossom. Staying true to her hometown roots, Christine attended the University of Maryland where she earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Kinesiology in 2009.

Additionally, Christine is a Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise and is also a StrongFirst Level-2 Kettlebell Instructor. She has worked as a Personal Trainer at Sport Fit Total Fitness Clubs and is currently a Health Educator at Providence Hospital.

Early in 2009, Christine completed an internship with UMD’s Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics. During this time, she worked with a team of researchers on a national research study, Trial of Activity for Adolescent Girls (TAAG), which aimed to reverse the decline of physical activity in middle school-aged girls using school- and community-based intervention. Christine’s experience with TAAG shed light on the increasingly sedentary lifestyle of adolescent girls and reinforced her determination to empower women of all ages to be strong, healthy and confident.

Christine is thrilled and honored to be part of the OPTI team!


Corey Beavin 


Corey instructs the Group performance program under the OPTI system based on the principles and concepts that have been found to allow individuals to not only perform optimally in daily activities but to be able to experience significant changes in their lives as a whole. Corey’s professional certifications include:

• American College of Sports Medicine-Certified Health Fitness Specialist
• National Academy of Sports Medicine- Corrective Exercise Specialist
• Functional Movement Screen- Level 1 and 2 Certified Instructor
• StrongFirst SFG Level 1 Kettlebell Certified Instructor
• StrongFirst SFL Barbell Certified Instructor
• Original Strength Specialist


Dana Varela 


Dana is happiest pendulously anchored over the top of a pull-up bar or firmly locked to a barbell during a heavy dead lift. With a paramount affection for heavy iron, this wife and mother of two teenagers has found a love, passion and strength in high performance training. That desire is the catalyst that motivated Dana to continue her education and instruct others.

She carries the following professional qualifications:
NASM-CPT, Certified Personal Trainer through the National              Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)
StrongFirst Certified Level-1 Kettlebell Instructor (SFG)
Functional Movement Systems Certified Level-1 and 2 Instructor      (FMS)
Her enthralling passion for teaching others and providing
the knowledge to make everyone the best they can be is her uncompromising

Chase Lawrence


Chase became a competitive athlete at a young age. His career in athletics began with soccer and track. A natural leader, he began coaching youth soccer programs in 2003. Chase continued to hone his leadership skills and strengthen his athletic skills at Salisbury University, where he received a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science in 2009 and a Master’s degree in Applied Health Physiology in2011. By working with the football and baseball teams at Salisbury University,Chase’s focus on athletic performance had started to flourish.

​Since graduation, Chase has continued to progress in the industry. Constantly wanting to improve, he set his sights on acquiring professional certifications and continuing his education. To date he has acquired the following professional qualifications:

• Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA-CSCS)
• USA Weightlifting Level 1 Sports Performance Coach (USAW)
• Functional Movement Systems Instructor Level 1 & 2 (FMS)
StrongFirst Level 1 certified Kettlebell Instructor (SFG)

In the future, Chase will be attending the professional development mentorships at EXOS (formerly Athletes Performance Institute)