May Workouts

Tasha posted this message to Facebook last week about Wednesday nights training session:

“Tonight’s workout awesome…I really enjoyed this evening..lot’s of fun! I was soaked after the conditioning!! I really pushed myself…:) I’m looking forward to Saturday! May=Marvelous.”

I am inclined to say that Miss Tasha is CORRECT! May is going to be lot’s of fun as we focus on fine tuning our skills and getting stronger at our compound lifts. As you all know, we have 3 training sessions throughout the week: (A) Day (Mon/Tues), (B) Day (Weds/Thurs) and (C) Day (Saturday). Starting this month I am going to list the rough outline of our monthly sessions so that you can have an idea of what you’re in for (or what you missed!)

May Training Sessions


1a-TGU 1/1, Light, Medium, Heavy

1b-TRX row

1c-2 leg glute bridge (beginner) or 1 leg glute bridge (advanced)

2a-Pressing ladders: Heavy, Medium, Light

2b-Deadlifts, Trap Bar, Straight Bar or Kettlebelles

3-Beginner: Goblet Squat ladder with Airdyne Bike sprints

Advanced: 2 Arm Swings heavy, 2 Arm Swings light, goblet squats


1a-TGU 1/1, Light, Medium, Heavy

1b-Core (plank progressions, body saw, rollouts etc)


2a-Pullups/Chinups (or negatives/hangs for beginners)

2b-Beginners: Reverse Lunge or Goblet Squat

Advanced: 1 leg Squat or Reverse Lunge

3-Beginner: Medicine Ball Slams and Airdyne Bike Sprints

Advanced: Double Push Press or Double Snatch ladders, 1 Arm Swing ladders


8 am Group:

1a-full tgu

1b-overhead carry

1c-practice double cleans

2a-practice 1 asw

2b-suitcase DL

3a-Single or double bell complex: clean/press/squat

The focus here is STRENGTH not conditioning so slow and controlled

3b-TRX rows, focus is on extreme shoulder blade retraction!

4-Swing ladder we go/ you go, start at 20 and go all the way down to 10 (20/19/18…)

9 am Group:

1-tgu to windmills and back down

2-double jerk or double snatch for POWER!

3a-1 leg dead lift

3b-bottom up press

4-conditioning: 4 stations

slams/goblet squat/double kb swing/bike or curve

See you in class!!!

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