Turkish Get Up Tutorials

Some of you may have noticed the increased attention to Turkish Get Ups in class recently, and you either love it or you hate it! The truth is, the TGU is one of the most comprehensive things we do in our class. No other exercise requires the strength, stability, mobility and mental focus that the TGU does. Heavy TGUs have changed my body in so many ways, and have translated directly to the rest of my training. They are fun, effective and highly beneficial-but only if performed properly! To help ensure that your TGU practice is done with integrity and attention to detail, Joe and I put together a 3 part video series on the TGU, starting with a basic tutorial and then going into further details. I apologize that part 2 is not HD (not my fault, I swear! I am very tech savvy!).

So, in case you missed these videos on YouTubeFacebookStrength Coach, and The Female Fitness Forum, I have listed them here on my blog. If you use kettlebells in any capacity, do yourself a favor and spend the time to watch them. As Pavel would say, “Enjoy!”

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