Ladies, Let’s Train HARD!

My friend and colleague, Alli Mckee, who trains HARD! Not so bulky, is she?

Lot’s of amazing strength and power happening with the OPTI ladies in the past few weeks! Phyllis and Maria are swinging 32kg, Little Lupe and Nat (who I trick with heavier bells!) are pressing double 12kg, Tasha is snatching 14kg, Peggy is doing double 8kg snatches, Annie, Denise and Stacia doing heavier get ups, Tracy and Joanne pressing a 16kg, Dana squatting double 16kgs, and all the new girls are catching up FAST. I am impressed, inspired and humbled every day by the level of enthusiasm and determination that the kettlebell girls display. I feel a personal and professional sense of duty to spread the word…that women can and should train heavy, hard and serious. That training with intention and purpose (and heavy iron!) will change your physique and sense of self. Spreading this message is the core of my professional mission and vision.
I am lucky to have a few female friends in the industry who share my passion and embody these ideals. I am even luckier to have all of you, whose work ethic and motivation give me purpose!

Unfortunately there is still a lot of miseducation about women and weight training, that lines the pockets of countless “professionals” and leaves customers feeling lack luster, and searching for the next fad. This drives me crazy! Recently I was contacted by fitness author and trainer, JC Deen, to contribute to an article he was writing on this subject after much success with an article about fitness marketing and how it has affected the female psyche. As a tremendous supporter of serious strength training for women, in both body and mind, I happily obliged and was honored to be a part of the piece! If you get a chance, take a look:

ATTENTION LADIES: Proof that lifting heavy will NOT make you BIG and Bulky!

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