Nutrition Seminar

On Saturday, November 5th from 11am-2pm, we will be hosting a very informative seminar on metabolism and fat loss with Andrea McDaniel, Registered Dietician and Sports Nutritionist. I highly recommend you all attend as Andrea will be touching on some very important and often overlooked aspects of eating for fat loss. This seminar is especially valuable for those who feel they have “tried everything” and are still not reaching their goals.

Metabolic Factors to be discussed:

  1. Inflammation & Lipids
  2. Digestive Health
  3. Nutrient Deficiencies
  4. Stress & Sleep
  5. Sex Hormone Imbalance
  6. Environmental Toxins
  7. Glucose Balance
  8. Thyroid Hormone Imbalance
**To register, please contact Joe Sansalone ( or stop into the gym. The fee is $75, and cash, check or credit are all accepted. We really hope to see you there!**
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