Updates and Client of the Month

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Just a few updates and bits of information:

  • Happy Hour was a GREAT success! Thanks so much to everyone who came out and I hope to see even more of you at the next one. Where we host it will be dependent upon when the new facility opens so stay posted.
  • Next week I will have the privilege of assisting at the Level One RKC certification in St Paul. I will be gone for 4 days, which means there will be no classes on Thursday or Friday (14/15) so please plan your training week accordingly.
  • We have three new students joining us this week: Annie (6 am) and Lupe and Valerie (Beginner Class). Please say hello, introduce yourself and make them feel welcome. Also, Cherie and Dana have transitioned out of beginner class and are attending the 630 All Levels class-please make them feel at home!
  • Jay is the client of the month for March on my blog. I posted it on my blog but I will post it here as well.
  • As usual, please continue to check the blog! I plan to post more regularly as things are falling into place and I have more time to write. I’ve had requests for two blog posts, but please keep the ideas coming! If you have a special event, competition or anything you want highlighted, I would be more than happy to post it.


Jay Groomes

Last month I spotlighted a very special client, Jamie Murphy, who has accomplished amazing things with her strength and conditioning and has served to be an inspiration to the rest of my clients. It gave me such great joy and an immense amount of pride to detail her journey and her accomplishments, that I plan to do this every month with a different client who stands out or does something noteworthy. In March, I am going to spotlight one of my group clients who is incredibly easy to coach and just a pleasure to work with-Jay Groomes.

Jay joined my group performance program last summer when I had just begun to hold group kettlebell classes. He was part of my very first group of 7, and has been ever evolving and improving since. He now attends Kettlebell Class twice a week and Metabolic Conditioning once a week. His positive attitude and willingness to help and motivate others is inspiring and contagious, effectively making my job as a coach that much easier. It’s rare to hear a complaint from Jay’s lips, or a negative murmur. He integrates so smoothly into any group and adds a warm and humorous tone to our wonderful group of clients. I cannot say enough about his coach-ability. Those of us who deal with clients on a regular basis know first hand how integral a coachable attitude is to an effective program and the client’s success. Jay brings his coachable, positive demeanor to each and every session and I am honored to be a part of his journey.
Jay never needs to be told to increase or decrease in load or reps. When it’s time to progress, he progresses on his own no matter what. When it’s time to regress, he does so as well in order to keep his training safe and effective. In groups which I am coaching ten people at once, this is a quality that I appreciate greatly. I can always trust him to do what needs to be done, and not hold himself back from his high potential. I am continuously impressed by his willingness to pick up a heavier kettlebell without being prompted, or throw more load on his back for pushups.
This is just a small list of the impressive things he has done during his tenure with the group program. I must stress that all of the things on this list he does with relative ease and fantastic form and attention to detail:
  • Unassisted body weight pullups
  • 24kg Turkish get ups
  • 28kg over head presses
  • Double 24kg presses
  • double and 20 kg complexes
  • 45-55 pound weighted pushups
  • Double 44kg dead lifts
  • 36-44 kg swings
  • 24kg contra lateral single leg dead lifts
His movement quality improves with every session; he shows up early to foam roll and always trains with intensity and purpose. Every coach would feel proud and lucky to have a client like Jay, whose willingness to learn and perform inspires other students, lends a vibe of incredible positivity to the group, and makes my job as a coach gratifying and continuously rewarding.
In April, Jay will be participating with friends in his second Tough Mudder event. This is exactly the kind of event that I would expect Jay to compete in as it requires a blend of discipline, perseverance and jocularity. He’s asked me to supply OPTI stickers for them to wear on their team shirts and that truly made me proud, as it lends to the wonderful community we have created and the amazing individuals who are part of it. I’m honored to have Jay in my group and I know that all of my clients would agree that his presence is continually enjoyable and his performance inspiring.
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