January Updates

What a great beginning to 2012 we have had so far! I am so excited to announce the following accomplishments, and as your coach, I cannot express the pride and elation I feel when witnessing you all achieve greatness.

Recent Personal Records (please forgive me/remind me if I forget anyone!)

  • Dana: 10kg chinup, 22kg TGU
  • Tasha: 20kg press, 22kg TGU
  • Brian: 465 Trap bar deadlift, 48kg TGU
  • Julie M: 16kg TGU
  • Juli K: unassisted chinup
  • Bruce: 245×5 Trab bar deadlift
  • Mike: 36kg TGU
  • Annie: 3 unassisted chinups
  • Sue L: 16 snatch, double 14kg jerks
  • Ally: double 14kg jerks
  • Mina: 16kg TGU

All of you are doing such amazing things, from learning the movements to setting records or simply mastering consistency of training. Just a reminder that the NUMBER ONE most important component of a successful training program is CONSISTENCY. If you haven’t been here much this month-come back! We miss you!

On that note, we are welcoming some new faces this month. You might see them as they are meeting with us privately to prepare for class, in our KB basics classes or even in the all levels groups. Please welcome Justin, Sean and Matt (who is preparing for the RKC in May!) and introduce yourselves.

We are also announcing two new classes to the February schedule:

  • Kettlebell Skills/Saturday 8 am: KB skills will start THIS SATURDAY 28 JAN (it’s already on the meetup) and will primarily be taught by Christine, although I will be there as often as I can! This class will focus on fine tuning your basic skills and making you a BETTER lifter, which means it is appropriate for BOTH beginners and advanced students. Attend this class if you are not proficient with advanced skills such as the snatch and jerk, or if you want to refine your basic skills. You will certainly get your sweat on, even as you focus on correcting your movements. This means that the 9 am class is now ADVANCED and is only appropriate for those students who can efficiently and effectively perform the snatch, jerk, windmill and 1 leg deadlift. You do not have to be advanced with regards to strength or capacity-simply with the skills themselves. I will allow you to be the judge as to whether or not you are “advanced” but please be advised that I may encourage you to attend the 8 am class if I feel it is more appropriate for your learning purposes.
  • Kettlebell Basics/MW 530-6: I will now be teaching 2 30 minute beginner classes each week and encourage those of you just beginning your KB practice to attend as often as possible.

Please stay tuned for announcements regarding a happy hour SOON! We love doing these, and encourage everyone to attend to build camaraderie and interact with each other sans the Iron!

And lastly, many of you have inquired about what I am doing with Intermittent Fasting. Here is a brief recap of my beginning experiments, but look forward to a more detailed post soon. Also, check out this great FREE ebook on the subject and this very informative post by John Romaniello.

Have a GREAT rest of January, friends, and thank you as always for allowing me to be a part of your journey towards a healthy, balanced life.

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