“Female Strength” by Dewey Nielson of IPT

Myself and fellow RKCII, Fawn Friday, performing the viking push press at level 2. Fawn is a powerlifter, who has dead lifted 315!

My friend and colleague, Dewey Nielson, of Impact Jiu Jitsu and Performance Training in Oregon, posted this blog yesterday about “Strong Women”. It features yours truly! I am always so honored when other professionals find my training efforts to be inspiring enough to share with others. There are two other strong, beautiful women featured in the post as well. You all know how adamant I am about being training to be strong, not “toned”, and how much I expect out of my ladies! You ladies (and men too) continue to impress me every single day, and I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to educate you about true strength and conditioning. Training is so much more than losing body fat, or gaining lean mass. Physical strength inspires mental and emotional strength, and the capability to endure and persevere.

Just this week, Phyllis S., Mina N. and Denise D. pressed a 12kg bell multiple times! Mina and Peggy B. are swinging bells as heavy as most of the guys. Ally B. is fairly new and is doing the TGU with a 12kg! Naymar H. and Donnella J., despite having back issues, are getting stronger, moving better, and on their way to eliminating back pain. I have several ladies in my beginner class who are already swinging a 16kg bell, and I am just floored with all of you amazing women and your progress.

Please take a moment to check out Dewey’s Blog, and see what other amazing, inspiring ladies are doing! Remember, strong is sexy!

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